Unless otherwise determined by the pastor, the church shall meet each Sunday for public worship, both morning and evening, and at least once during the week for Bible study and prayer.



(A) The annual church administration meeting, for the election of officers and the transaction of other business, shall be held the 3rd week of January. A quorum shall consist of the members present. Public notice of the meeting shall be given from the pulpit for two successive Sundays immediately preceding the meeting.

(B) The moderator shall determine the rules of procedure according to his sense of fairness and common sense, giving all members a reasonable opportunity to be heard on a matter. The moderator is the final authority on questions of procedure, and his decision is final and controlling. The following order shall generally be observed at the regular church administration meetings:

Devotions & prayer

Reading of minutes

Reception of members

Dismissal of members

Report of officers

Reports of standing committees

Reports of special committees

Unfinished matters

Election of officers

New matters



(C) For any meeting under this article, the moderator, in his sole discretion , shall have full and unilateral authority to require nonmembers to leave the meeting room and to order the immediate removal of any member or other person present who is deemed by the moderator to be disruptive to the proceedings by act or presence. The moderator shall have full authority to order the removal of all children (ages to be determined by the moderator·) if the moderator determines, in his sole discretion , that circumstances so warrant. If the moderator determines that compliance with his order of removal is unsatisfactory, the moderator may, in his sole discretion, revoke the disruptive person’s right to remain on the premises in accordance with Section 3.03(C) and treat the person as a trespasser.



(A) The pastor (or deacons if the office of pastor is vacant or the pastor is the subject of possible disciplinary action) may call a special meeting by giving notice of such a meeting and the purpose for which it is called to the church from the pulpit at least one Sunday and not less than one week prior to said meeting. A meeting for the calling of a pastor or the severance of the relationship between the church and pastor shall be called in accordance with the provision of Sections 4.04(A) and 4.05.

(B) Bible conferences, missionary conferences, and revivals may be held as the pastor deems beneficial.



Members who desire that a certain motion be made or subject matter be discussed during an annual, regular, or special business meeting must file a written recommendation with the pastor and deacons two weeks prior to the set meeting. The church leadership will then consider the proposal and proceed according to their conscience and what they understand to be in the best interests of the church. All other motions will be presented by the pastor and/or chairman of the board of deacons (or other moderator if the office of pastor is vacant) unless the pastor and/or deacons has delegated authority to another member and/or officer to raise certain motions.



The fiscal year of the church shall begin January 1st and end December 31st.



The treasurer may, in the ordinary course of his duties, make or authorize the making of any expenditure or obligation in any amount not exceeding One Hundred dollars ($100). The pastor may make or authorize the making of any expenditure or obligation in any amount not exceeding Five Hundred dollars ($500). The membership may make or authorize the making of any expenditure or obligation in any amount whatsoever with a 2/3 majority vote.



The pastor and the board of deacons may, in an emergency situation , make or approve the making of any expenditure or obligation exceeding the limit imposed on them in Section 6.06 under the following conditions:

(A) The pastor and the board of deacons, by a majority vote, must determine that the matter is of such urgency that it cannot wait until the next regular meeting of the membership or until a special meeting can be held.

(B) Before making any decision, the pastor and the board of deacons shall make a good faith effort to obtain the opinions of as many of the members as can be reached. The actual decision shall then be taken at a meeting of the pastor and the board of deacons, any action requiring the approval of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the board.

(C) The pastor shall report the action taken by the pastor and the board of deacons to the next meeting of the members for approval. If the members refuse to approve, the action shall be reversed insofar as possible, but the pastor and the board of deacons shall not be personally liable for such action, provided that they have, in good faith, followed the procedures set forth in this section.