(A) The pastor shall preach the Gospel regularly and shall be at liberty to preach the whole counsel of the Word of God as the Lord leads him. He shall administer the ordinances of the church, act as moderator at all church meetings for the transaction of church matters , supervise the teaching ministries of the church, and tenderly watch over the spiritual interests of the membership.

(B) The pastor shall appoint the members of the various committees at the annual church administration meeting or, in the case of a vacancy or newly created committee, at other duly called special meetings. He shall serve as the president of the corporation and publicly inform all newly elected officers of the function and responsibilities of their respective offices. He shall extend the right hand of fellowship to all new members on behalf of the church and shall perform such other duties as generally appertain to such a position. The pastor shall be free to choose the means and methods by which he exercises the ministry God has given him.

(C) All appointments for public worship and Bible study and the arrangements thereof, including time and place and the use of the property belonging to the church for purposes other than the stated appointments, shall be under the control of the pastor, who shall be able to determine the appropriateness of practices as well as persons permitted to use the church property.

(D) The pastor shall be responsible to fill the pulpit for each regularly scheduled church service as well as any special services. In the event of his absence, he (or the chairman of the deacon board in the case of a vacancy in the office of pastor or where the pastor is ill and unable to perform his duties) shall be responsible to invite speakers from within the membership or outside the church to preach in a manner consistent with the beliefs articulated in the Statement of Faith.

(E) The pastor shall be responsible, in coordination with the deacons, to establish mandatory safety and security procedures for all ministries and programs involving minors.



(A)  The board of deacons shall assist the pastor, in such manner as he shall request, in promoting the spiritual welfare of the church, in conducting the church services, and in performing all other work of the church. The deacons are responsible for making preparations to observe church ordinances and shall, if requested by the pastor, consider applications for church membership and affiliated co-laborers. They shall disburse the benevolence fund in cooperation with the pastor, and shall assist him in visitation and all other evangelistic efforts of the church. The board of deacons shall assist the pastor in caring for the administrative needs of the church’ s various ministries. They shall provide the pulpit supply and choose a moderator for church meetings if the pastor is unavailable or the office of pastor is vacant. Upon the death, resignation, or dismissal of the pastor, the board of deacons may appoint a pulpit committee.

(B) Immediately following the annual church administration meeting, the board of deacons shall assemble and elect, from their own number, a chairman who shall be vice president of the corporation, a vice chairman, and a secretary.

(C) The pastor and the board of deacons shall constitute the board of directors of the corporation.

(D) The board of directors shall exercise the following specific powers only upon authorization by a majority vote of the members present at a duly called church administration meeting:

(1) To purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire real and personal property on .behalf of the church, and to take real and personal property by will, gift, or bequest on behalf of the church;

(2) To sell, convey, alienate, transfer, lease, assign, exchange, or otherwise dispose of, and to mortgage, pledge, or otherwise encumber the real and personal property of the church, to borrow money and incur indebtedness for the purpose and use of the church; to cause to be executed, issued, and delivered for the indebtedness , in the name of the church, promissory notes, bonds, debentures, or other evidence of indebtedness; and to secure repayment by deeds of trust, mortgages, or pledges; and

(3) To exercise all powers necessary for the dissolution of the church corporation.

(4) All powers of the directors, (whether deacons or other appointed group) shall be compatible with the laws of the State of Michigan.



 The church clerk shall:

(A) Certify and keep at the office of the church, the original bylaws or a copy, including all amendments or alterations to the bylaws, minutes of meetings, the membership roll, baptisms, and certificates of ordination and license; and deliver such documents to successor upon leaving office;

(B) Keep minutes of all church administration and deacon meetings (unless a separate secretary of deacons has been elected or appointed), including the time and place of holding, the notice given, and the names of those present (unless a church-wide meeting), and an accurate record of all church business approved at each meeting. A copy of these minutes shall be kept as a permanent record of the church and shall be made available at all reasonable times to any proper person on terms provided by law and pursuant to these bylaws.

(C) Sign, certify, or attest documents as may be required by law; see that reports, statements, certificates, and all other documents and records required by law are properly kept and filed;

(D) See that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws. (In case of the absence or disability of the secretary, or his or her refusal or neglect to act, notice may be given and served by the pastor or by the chairman of the board of deacons.);

(E) Keep an account of any special events in the life of the church which are of historical interest and give a report at the annual church administration meeting of the status of the church membership roll in the past year;

(F) Keep all records at the office of the church and deliver them to any successor upon leaving office; and

(G) Serve as the secretary of the corporation and be a member in good standing.



The financial secretary shall:

(A) Count, along with one other person so appointed, and record in a permanent record all the monies received in offerings for the church. This shall be done following each service or day of services of the church.

(B) Convey in a timely manner all funds received to the treasurer for verification and deposit in the bank, including moneys received from outside sources, and shall provide the treasurer with a record of all monies received, specifying the distribution into various funds as designated. A copy shall be provided to the pastor each week or upon request.

(C) Maintain a permanent weekly record of individual giving for all donations, offerings, contributions and gifts, and shall guard said records confidentially as a sacred trust. The financial secretary shall issue an official receipt at the end of the fiscal year. If an individual would like an official receipt quarterly, he shall submit this request in writing.

(D) The chairman of the deacons may assume the duties of the financial secretary in the absence of a financial secretary, unless already serving in the capacity of the treasurer.



The Treasurer shall:

(A) Keep in the church office an accurate and permanent record of all financial transactions of church funds. Make reports of itemized disbursements and the financial condition of the church as requested by pastor and deacons, and for annual, quarterly or otherwise special or regular administration meetings; deliver such records to successor upon leaving office;

(B) Receive and give receipt for all contributions, gifts, and donations to the church;

(C) Verify all funds received from the church financial secretary, and deposit these and all other funds received in appropriate amounts at an approved banking facility or trust company as shall be selected by the pastor or board of deacons.

(D) Write, sign, record, and mail checks in payment of church bills and routine expenses approved by the pastor and/or deacons as well as disburse funds and salaries as directed by the church.

(E) At least two directors of this corporation shall be authorized to sign church checks in the treasurer’ s absence. The chairman of the deacons shall not perform this duty if functioning as the financial secretary. No persons shall be permitted to sign checks written to themselves, and no expenditures of the church (except miscellaneous petty cash disbursements) shall be made by cash.

(F) Serve as treasurer of the corporation and be a member in good standing.



Under the direction and guidance of the pastor, the associate pastor(s) of the church shall assist the pastor in carrying out the ministries of the church.



(A) All officers shall prepare a written report of their work for the annual church administration meeting and shall surrender all records in their possession to the church clerk at the close of their term of office to be filed as a permanent record of the work of the church. All records are the property of the church and must be kept in the church office.

(B) Any officer who neglects his duties as outlined in the bylaws for a period of three months may be removed from his office, at the discretion of the pastor, and another may be appointed by the pastor to serve the unexpired term.



A public installation service in which all newly elected officers of the church are to be dedicated to their respective offices and the ordination of newly elected deacon shall be held at a public church service following their election at the annual church administration meeting.