The church officers are pastor, deacon, church clerk, financial secretary, and church treasurer. One person may hold two or more offices, with some exceptions. The church treasurer and financial secretary may not be the same person, and the pastor may not hold any other offices. Officers of the church must be elected by a majority of the present, voting membership at a regular church administration meeting. The pastor, from time to time as he deems appropriate, may appoint other church officers, subject to a majority confirmation vote by present, voting church members at any regular or special church administrative meeting.




As an accommodation to legal relationships outside the church, the pastor shall serve as president of the corporation; the church clerk shall serve as secretary of the corporation; the church treasurer shall serve as treasurer of the corporation; and the chairman of the board of deacons shall serve as vice president of the corporation. The pastor and the board of deacons shall constitute the board of directors of the corporation.




(A) The church shall not install or retain an officer who fails to adhere to or expresses disagreement with the Statement of Faith set forth in Article 2. All church officers, upon request of the pastor, shall affirm their agreement with the Statement of Faith.

(B) All church officers must be approved initially and thereafter annually by the pastor in order for them to commence or continue in their offices.

(C) Only church members are eligible for election or appointment to any church office or position. Affiliated co-laborers with this ministry are not eligible for such election or appointment.

(D) Upon termination of membership any officer of the church shall immediately forfeit his position and return any church property to the church office.




(A)  The relationship between the pastor and the church shall be permanent unless dissolved at the option of either party by the giving of a month’s notice, or less by mutual consent. The severance of the relationship between the pastor and the church may be considered at any regular or special church administration meeting by following the procedures outlined in 6.04, provided notice of the meeting shall have been given from the pulpit to the church two Sundays prior to the meeting. A two-thirds majority of the eligible members present and voting shall be required to sever the relationship between the pastor and the church. Disciplinary removal of the pastor from office automatically terminates his membership. A restoration to membership after disciplinary removal will be subject to the requirements of Section 3.01 (D).

(B) The term of service for all offices and positions in the church, except the pastor, shall be one year, at the expiration of which the officers may be re-elected or re-appointed.

(C) A vacancy occurring in any office or board, except in the case of the pastor, may be filled at any regular church administration meeting by a majority vote of present members.

(D) All elected and appointed officers shall serve in their respective offices until their successors are duly elected or appointed. Members of the board of deacons may be removed from office for unbiblical conduct, as determined by the other board members, upon a majority vote of the remaining members of the board of deacons.




Upon the resignation, death or dismissal of the Pastor, the church shall seek a candidate who subscribes to the Statement of Faith, the Covenant and bylaw provisions of this church, and whose life aligns with the qualifications of a pastor as described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. The church shall abide by the following guidelines for calling a pastor:

(A) The deacons shall select a pulpit committee to consist of all deacons and up to five other members elected by a simple majority of the deacons. The pulpit committee shall interview potential  candidates  and  will  only  consider  men  who  completely  subscribe  to the Statement Faith and Covenant contained herein;                                                                                                                                                                

(B) Prior to being announced to the congregation as a formal candidate, any man being considered for pastoral candidate must preach at least one Sunday service. Thereafter, upon a majority vote of the deacons, the pulpit committee may formally announce the candidate to the church, after which the candidate must preach at least two regularly scheduled services and be available for a church-wide question/answer time prior to being voted upon by the congregation;

(C) Notice from the pulpit must be given 2 consecutive Sundays prior to a formal candidate’ s preaching services, and 2 consecutive Sundays prior to the church congregational vote;

(D) The candidate must be elected as Pastor by a majority vote of qualified, present voting members. The pulpit committee will only present for consideration to the church one candidate at a time, and an up or down vote must be cast prior to consideration of other potential candidates.



The annual election of officers by the church membership shall occur during the month of January at the annual church administration meeting.



(A) Subject to appropriate budgetary allowance, and on the condition that they shall become a member of the church upon assuming their duties, the pastor may hire associates and assistants to assist him in carrying out his God-given responsibilities.

(B) All church staff, whether paid or volunteer, shall be under the supervision of the pastor who has the sole authority to dismiss the same. No employee or volunteer shall be hired, appointed , or retained who fails to adhere to or expresses disagreement with the Statement of Faith.