The church believes that the home and church are responsible before God for providing a Christian education. To help fulfill this responsibility of imparting biblical truth and furthering the Great Commission, this church shall establish and maintain an educational program (or Sunday School program) for the purpose of winning souls to Christ, and teaching Bible doctrine, godly worship, and biblical Christian living. To this end, the church shall engage in educational ministries in keeping with the following dictates.



All educational programs or courses of instruction formulated and offered by the church shall be primarily for the benefit of the members of the church; however, the pastor may permit non-church members to participate in church educational programs or courses of instruction if he deems it in the best interest of the church.



All church staff shall be members of this church. This provision shall not apply to visiting missionaries, evangelists, or preachers engaged for the purpose of delivering sermons, conducting revivals, or other special meetings on a temporary basis. If there is a school operating under the authority of this church, the school staff are not required to be members. All school staff who are not members of this church shall be members of a like-minded church where they faithfully attend. All church staff and school staff must agree to abide by the statement of faith and covenant as presented.



All educational programs or courses of instruction shall be taught and presented in full agreement with the Statement of Faith and Covenant of the church. The church shall not hire, appoint, or retain any employee or volunteer for its educational programs who fails to adhere to or expresses disagreement with the Statement of Faith or who adopts or lives a lifestyle inconsistent with the beliefs an-d practices of Statement of the Faith or this church, whether in or out of the classroom.



All educational programs or courses of instruction shall be conducted as an integral and inseparable ministry of the church.



All educational programs or courses of instruction shall be conducted consistent with the teaching of the inerrant Word of God. Any assertion or belief that conflicts with or questions a Bible truth is a pagan deception and distortion of the truth which will be disclaimed as false. It is the responsibility of every instructor or teacher to present the inerrant Word of God as the sole infallible source of knowledge and wisdom.